Hello, my name is Anselm Urban. I am a German designer and maker liv­ing in Görlitz, where I run a small web design agency.

Since 2010 I have been devel­op­ing great web exper­i­ences and mak­ing designs for people, not machines.

Currently, I am not avail­able for hire.
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Frontend BUZZ, a daily news­let­ter for front-end design­ers and developers.

What oth­ers are say­ing:

The Frontend BUZZ news­let­ter is one of the few news­let­ters which I open + read every single time!”

We (as web developers) don’t get a lot of time to read so it is help­ful to have a cur­ated, sim­ple news­let­ter with what we need to know.”

Actually, your news­let­ter has been my favor­ite for a month now… Thank you for what you do. Keep up the good work!”


I am a hard-working per­son who loves tak­ing new chal­lenges such as learn­ing a new lan­guage or frame­work.

Since I learn the best by fail­ing and retry­ing, I gained very deep exper­i­ence with HTML, CSS, WordPress and more tech­nical things like set­ting up a web server. 

My skills are not only focused on web design, but I also love blog­ging, mar­ket­ing, social media and when some­thing does not work, I do not give up but try to solve the prob­lem on my own. More…


Hochschule Zittau/Görlitz (University of Applied Sciences)
Computer Science
since 2016

German (Native)
English (Fluent)
Polish (Conversational)
French (Beginner)

Behance Designer Résumé
Stack Overflow Developer CV