12/12/2016 - Comments Off on Designing Responsive Email Newsletters with MJML

Designing Responsive Email Newsletters with MJML

I recently updated the design of my news­let­ter for front-end developers and design­ers, Frontend BUZZ. This time, I decided to code the email tem­plate by hand with a markup language/framework called MJML which I am quite excited about. That led me to writ­ing this art­icle, in which you’ll learn how to design a simple respons­ive news­let­ter with MJML.

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02/05/2016 - Comments Off on Is your work valuable at all? Dare to ask!

Is your work valuable at all? Dare to ask!

A few days ago, I did some­thing I really was not sure about and some of you prob­ably can relate: I sent out cold emails to sub­scribers ask­ing for feed­back on Frontend BUZZ (you know, the daily news­let­ter I have star­ted). Read more

02/03/2016 - Comments Off on 10 Awesome CSS3 Tricks

10 Awesome CSS3 Tricks

When CSS was developed around 1995, you could not do much with it oth­er than basic styl­ing of text. Even with CSS2, things did not get bet­ter imme­di­ately. It was not until early 2010 that CSS2 was fully sup­por­ted by major browsers. With CSS3, the stylesheet lan­guage became much more power­ful and now we are able to devel­op rich inter­ac­tions with CSS, and not just style text. To give you an over­view and some inspir­a­tion, here are ten awe­some CSS3 tricks. Read more

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